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Tonic Living

I am always looking for new sources to buy home decor products for my clients. I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect fabric, the most luxurious throw, the most quirky thrift shop find, the most curvalicious, blue lamp, the painting with every perfect color pulling together the concept of the design, the chandelier that will light up the room – and my client’s life, the tile that will make the kitchen counter tops sing – and my client dance with joy… You get the idea.

For the longest time, I was always embarrassed when someone shared a source with me that I hadn’t heard of before. I’m a designer, I should know these things! I mean, come on Rachel – it’s your job to be aware of all of the greatest sources out there for home decor! Yes, there are approximately 3,879 websites that you can order home decor from. Yeah, there are probably at least 296 places you could purchase lighting alone – but you didn’t know about that one, really special rug website?! What?! Phew! Thankfully, I’ve stopped beating myself up for such a silly thing. Goodness we’re hard on ourselves sometimes aren’t we?!

Now, every time someone shares a new source with me, I do a little internal dance party – and make sure to make a note of it, so that I can check it out! I recently found Tonic Living – an online store that sells gorgeous fabric, pillows, hardware, and futon covers. I adore making custom fabric products – like pillows, table runners, and window coverings for my clients – so fabulous fabrics are a must!

I am extremely inspired by Tonic Living’s large-patterned fabrics. All of their fabrics are wonderful – but they have some of the greatest multi-colored, room-inspiring fabrics!  These fabrics are so fabulous that they could carry their own as the focal point of a room. Here are some of my favs:

Paint Palette Turquoise
Futura Dandelion
Leda Peony Persimmon
Zen Garden Porcelain
Socks the Fox Aqua

I just had to include Socks the Fox. Isn’t Socks great?! I was instantly inspired when I saw Socks. Seriously. We’re talking boy’s nursery. Grey walls. White crib. Black and white patterned crib sheets. Gorgeous window panels made from Socks the Fox. The perfect stuffed animal – felt fox. Teal accents. White rocker with grey cushions, and a Socks pillow. WOWZA! See what these fabrics do to me?!

So, tell me – what room of your home could use an update with one of these gorgeous fabrics?  Which fabric is your favorite?!




I'm Rachel.

I am a small town girl passionate about creativity, color, and most of all: helping people bring their homes to life in ways they never thought possible. On the Rardon Design blog, I enjoy sharing thoughts, inspirations, and our projects. Thanks for reading.

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