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Sports Chic… is it possible?

Nebraska Cornhuskers & Duke Blue Devils.  Those are the two teams in our household.

The term “man cave” has always made me a little queasy.  Maybe because I think the home should celebrate the whole family.  Maybe because despite everyone thinking that the home is the “women’s domain” ultimately, we just take charge of the home because it’s important to us & we want our entire families to enjoy the shelter we call home.  Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because I’m kind of a control freak – and the thought of giving up an entire space [or in our home – our entire basement] to be massacred decorated with a hodge-podge of sports memorabilia makes me crazy.  I said it.  I admit it.  Please don’t attack me for being honest – or do, maybe I need to hear it?  And perhaps in a few years I’ll change my mind, see my control freak ways for what they are, see my ultra-sensitive/inconsiderate decorator ways for what they really are & give my husband full freedom to “Man Cave” it up!  Never say never, right?!

But for now, I’m on a mission to incorporate sports decor in our basement in a tasteful/decorator-wife friendly way.  I already royally screwed up by painting 2 of the walls Texas orange – can we just call it “Pumpkin Orange” or “Harvest Glow” please?!  And he was right there helping me choose paint – don’t act like you didn’t know what color that was taped on the wall when we chose our favorite! I’m hoping I’ve somewhat made up for the paint color choice by allowing a recliner in the space (that’s an entire blog post of it’s own).

So, to my fellow control freak decor-savvy wives out there – here is some sports decor that perhaps we can all agree on!

Football Play

I love this print.  Football themed – but from a design standpoint, I love the geometry, black & white, and clean lines.  I’m thinking about creating our own Rardon family football play – and simply DIYing it by chalking on a chalkboard.

Vintage Baseball

Vintage baseballs as decorative balls anyone?!

Sports Talk Decorative Pillow Cover

A lot of the sports decor that I like seems to be text-focused.  I would happily put these pillows on our sofa – paired with a blue or orange patterned pillow.

Vintage Brass Football

If it’s vintage & brass – I’m on board.

50 Basketball Hoop
Basketball Hoop

This is what I’m talking about!  Salvaged basketball hoop, turned industrial accessory.  Yes!  Whoever created this understands me.

Ultimate Book of Sports

What a pretty, sports coffee table book!  Hooray – see what I did there? – sports & pretty in the same sentence.

So there you have it – some chic sports decor hopefully we can all agree on. [My husband is going to make fun of me so hard core, when he sees that I did an entire blog post using “chic” and “sports” in the same thought.] This post was actually a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.  For every one sports decor item I found that I liked, I think I could have found at least 38 things that I didn’t like.  Seriously – for. every. one.   Maybe even 39.




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