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My fav new pattern: Ikat


I got to be honest… I have been raving over this pattern for at least 6 months now, and I just learned how to pronounce it today.  Ikat = ee-cot!  Thank you! 🙂  I feel much smarter now.  Haha.

The way traditional ikat happens is by tie-dying the yarns of the fabric before it is woven.  Double ikat is done in only three countries: India, Japan, and Indonesia.  Double ikat is when both the warp and weft yarns of the fabric are dyed.  [Warp and weft: horizontal & vertical yarns woven together to create the fabric]

Some simple, modern ikat pillows.  I’m sure this fabric is printed rather than dyed,

which means cheaper and still beautiful!

Ready for your mind to be blown?  This. Is. Tile.  What?!  Gorgeous, right?!

Some more fabulous inspiration… 

For the brave soul: ikat wallpaper!

The warmest of Wednesdays to you!




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