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Houndstooth is such a classic pattern.  It seems to add a touch of sophistication to any piece or space. 

Most traditional: black and white houndstooth.  The high contrast makes such a strong statement…

Modern Spaces by Atlanta Interior Designer Niki Papadopoulos

Check out how the next room mixes patterns.  Please, oh please, do not be afraid to have fun with pattern.  This space has houndstooth furniture, brocade-like patterned draperies, and floral pillows.  Gorgeous!  Adds so much interest to the space!

Eclectic Home Office by Baltimore Interior Designer Elizabeth Reich

Traditional Kitchen by New York Interior Designer Kim E Courtney Interiors & Design Inc

Want to use houndstooth in a modern way?  Punch up the color! 

Love these uses of colorful houndstooth…

Modern Kids by San Francisco Interior Designer Olive Juice Designs

Please someone tell me this glamorous purple bedroom is in a showroom somewhere.  I appreciate beautiful spaces, but who keeps their bed made so perfectly, and their side tables so empty?!  Again, I love the look, but I want a bed that says “Come cuddle up pretty girl”, not “AH! Human! Go away you might mess me up.”  🙂  Love me some purple houndstooth though!

Eclectic Bedroom by Houston Furniture And Accessories High Fashion Home

Traditional Dining Room by Other Metro Furniture And Accessories Horchow

Here’s to a terrific Tuesday!



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