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Home, Hospitality, and Blessings

Proverbs 31 says, “She’s skilled in the crafts of home and heart, and diligent in homemaking.”

This last week I’ve been thinking a lot about hospitality.  Not the kind where we have a heart attack over every detail about our home – but the kind where we find joy in sharing our home with others.  The kind that has a heart filled with the desire to serve others.  The kind that enjoys sharing stories, memories, and laughs with family and friends.  The kind that knows even if we serve store-bought cookies and coffee, we will still have wonderful conversation with that friend we’ve been meaning to catch up with for so long.  The kind that realizes that our friends don’t care about that little bit of dust on the shelf – what they’ll remember is the hilarious moment when you were playing “Guesstures.”

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a good cook.  However, being a new homeowner, I am rejuvenated by the joy of being able to have a roof to cover over shared times with family and friends.

I think about my home, and other people’s homes quite often.  I mean. A. Lot.  I want the endeavor of my life not to be about vain spaces that sit pretty never being used – I want my focus to be on beautiful, organized spaces that inspire people to share wonderful moments with family and friends!

Blessings to you today.  If you have any great ideas for hospitality, or fond memories of sharing your home with others, please share.




I'm Rachel.

I am a small town girl passionate about creativity, color, and most of all: helping people bring their homes to life in ways they never thought possible. On the Rardon Design blog, I enjoy sharing thoughts, inspirations, and our projects. Thanks for reading.

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