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Blueberry Yogurt

Sometimes inspiration comes in the weirdest of ways.  Would it be crazy if I said that I am inspired every time I eat blueberry yogurt?  Yes? Oh boy – I’m a big weirdo.  I know, I know – we already knew that.  Nothing like finding inspiration in food, right?!

How could I possibly be inspired by blueberry yogurt, you ask?  I love the color combination!  The lavender of the yogurt mixed with the deep navy of the blueberries.  Gets me every time.

Ripe blueberries in yogurt

After the 17th time of dipping into blueberry yogurt and thinking, “Gosh – these colors are just genius together” – I decided to create a design board specifically for my love of lavender & navy.

Blueberry Room

What do you think?  Would you love a blueberry yogurt inspired room in your home?  Or perhaps you’re more of a raspberry, vanilla, or peach person?




I'm Rachel.

I am a small town girl passionate about creativity, color, and most of all: helping people bring their homes to life in ways they never thought possible. On the Rardon Design blog, I enjoy sharing thoughts, inspirations, and our projects. Thanks for reading.

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