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A New Beginning

Ah, new beginnings…

Some of the sweetest things in life come from new beginnings. A student starts pursuing his or her dreams at college. The amazing union of two people starting their life as one in marriage. The overwhelming joy of welcoming a new baby into the world. Meeting a new friend. Creating a new piece of artwork. Just getting a new hair cut!

If you’re reading this right now, thank you for joining me on my new journey. Here embarks a new beginning for me… Bringing my dreams to reality in starting my own business. Rardon Design.

I’m hoping this blog not only becomes a platform for where you can learn more about me and my business, but also a place where you can come for inspiration.

Here’s to new beginnings…



I'm Rachel.

I am a small town girl passionate about creativity, color, and most of all: helping people bring their homes to life in ways they never thought possible. On the Rardon Design blog, I enjoy sharing thoughts, inspirations, and our projects. Thanks for reading.

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