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A Grateful Home

A grateful home… something I’ve been pondering since Thanksgiving.  Yes – I must be a little behind on the holiday schedule, because I’m still thinking about “giving thanks.”

Before I get too deep into thought, let me say “Thank you!”  Again – I’m a little behind on my expression based on the calendar year, but please don’t let that  damper the sincerity of my gratefulness.  Thank you to everyone who has supported Rardon Design this year.  Thank you to everyone who has expressed encouraging words.  Thank you to everyone who has allowed me to help them beautify their homes.  And thank you for reading!


So, as grateful people… what makes a grateful home?  I have been hesitant to publish this post because my sentiments may go against the grain of the interior design world.  I’ll explain a little more towards the end of the post, and well – I’ve never claimed to be normal.  More than that, I’ve always openly admitted some “weirdness”, if you will – so here we go:

Rardon Design’s Top 3 for “A Grateful Home”

1. Use what you have.

This is one of my new favorite quotes.  Appropriately displayed on a pin board right inside the door I walk in and out of every day.


So, what do I mean by use what you have?  Well, sometimes the budget doesn’t allow us to change absolutely everything in our space at one time.  That doesn’t mean we can’t love our home.  Sometimes the most creative solutions come when we simply must “use what we have.”

Say hello to my kitchen counter & backsplash.

Kitchen Counter

Are brick red counter tops with copper back splash my first choice?  No.  But, it’s in good shape – and we aren’t about to rip it out tomorrow.  So, I could wallow in my sorrow – or just work with what I got!  With a great rug, and some fabulous red accessories – the kitchen is coming together.

Kitchen Rug

Bless the Lord

I’ve found some pieces that exude “Rachel style” – to tie in the pieces that well, aren’t exuding.

Another way to “Use what you have”, is to find creative ways to use items.  I wanted a tray to ground our dining centerpiece.  I didn’t have a decorative tray, but I had this great serving platter – that matched the gray of our dining chairs.  Bam!  Gorgeous centerpiece!  (Complete with the vintage tablecloth – that I well, folded to become a runner… Hooray for using what you have!)

Dining Table Tray

2. Display what you’re thankful for.

The second sentiment of a grateful home is displaying what you’re thankful for!

Most nerve-racking experience of my career: rearranging this display cabinet in my client’s dining room.

Display Cabinet

Literally everything in this cabinet had some sentimental meaning.  After my initial visit, I was sure that we needed to add some teal accents throughout the cabinet – to pull in the new teal color we were using throughout the room.  I can admit it – I was wrong.

My heart pounding, I started taking items out of the cabinet – placing them on the dining table so I could rearrange everything.  I kept trying to put the teal pieces in the cabinet, but it just looked silly.  I thought, “what is that silly vase doing in their with all of those meaningful things?”  It was one situation where the sentimental items stood on their own.  And with a little rearranging, the pieces were balanced – displayed beautifully.  Much more beautiful than a brand new teal vase.  [and yes, don’t fret – when the project is complete I’ll share photos of the rearranged cabinet].

“Display what you’re thankful for” means it’s okay to show off those silly family photos.

Beautifully incorporate those dates you’ll never forget.

Wedding Date

3. Share your home.

I continually say, I strive to design spaces that celebrate the people who live in them.  I want my career to be about beautiful spaces that work well for those who inhabit them.  Not spaces that just sit pretty, but rather inspire us to create memories.  So – the last sentiment for “A Grateful Home” is… share it!

Snuggle on the couch with your spouse.  Pile around the television for family movie night.  Gather around the table for game night.  Invite people over!

This is stunning…

But, I would say that this is even better…

Family Game Night

It doesn’t have to be extravagant.  Just plug in that coffee pot, and text a friend!

There you have it.  Rachel’s Top 3 of “A Grateful Home”.  So, why was I nervous to share these sentiments?  Well, an interior decorator who says, “work with what you have” and “display family photos” goes against the grain a little bit.  Design is important to me in this: If we aren’t happy with how our home looks or functions, we won’t be as likely to enjoy being there – and much less likely to create memories with our families and with our friends and neighbors.  A grateful heart and a grateful home knows that it’s not about having the most extravagant decor or the newest thing.  A grateful home shares what it’s thankful for, creatively uses its existing assets, and invites people over.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  How do you incorporate the things you are thankful for into your home?

And if you need a hand to creatively use the things you have, or help falling in love with your home again – please, get in touch.




I'm Rachel.

I am a small town girl passionate about creativity, color, and most of all: helping people bring their homes to life in ways they never thought possible. On the Rardon Design blog, I enjoy sharing thoughts, inspirations, and our projects. Thanks for reading.

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