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How to Create a Focal Point

When decorating, a focal point is always an important aspect to keep in mind!  It might sound strange – but tell people where to look.

Create your focal point on a main wall in the space [if possible, the largest wall with the least amount of window & door openings].

If you have an accent wall (with a paint color) – make sure that it is the same wall you are wanting to create your focal point.  Where you change the wall color, will draw attention – so it naturally will become your focal point.  Creating a focal with art on one of the walls that doesn’t have your accent color, will be confusing and look busy.

Notice how your eye is drawn to the white artwork on the brown wall below?  Contrast draws our attention!  Also note how the window coverings blend in with the wall – not to distract us from the main focal point.  The room is more soothing because of these decisions.

Be sure that the rest of the room supports your focal point.  For example, if you are creating a focal point with window coverings & a gorgeous sofa – be sure that the rest of the elements support (and don’t compete for attention from) the focal point.

If your focal point is a console & fabulous artwork – be sure that most of the grouping is visible when you walk into the room.

Here are some rooms that have focal points to die for!

Using color to create a focal on the bed! In a neutral room, color quickly becomes the focal point. Love that yellow!

Even in this eclectic room – my eye is drawn straight back to that unique artwork. Because of the white & orange in the rest of the room – it compliments, instead of distracts, from the focus of that art.  Also – the white walls and white window coverings become a great support for the impact of the art!





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