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Bring Spring Home: 5 Easy Ideas

Okay, so I know that technically it is already Spring – but I just want it to feel like Spring.  Yes, I’m being needy – but who’s with me?!  And March is not helping a girl out.  March is being such a tease this year.  One day: 40, the next day: 65, the next day: 32.  What?  Come on, March.   So – while we’re going through these ups and downs, let’s just officially make it Spring in our homes – deal?!

Here are some fun ideas of how you can easily & cost-effectively introduce some Spring and splashes of color in your home.  Let the sun shine in!  Let the colors be bright!

1. Pillows

Whenever I talk about simple updates & easy ways of adding a pop of color, I always talk about pillows.  They are so easy to switch out for seasons – and they are a cost effective way to add a lot of color in a room.  Try sky blue, lavender, or fuschia this Spring!

Ikat Pillows
West Elm Conch

2. Decorative Pulls

Another easy thing to switch out is drawer or cabinet pulls.  Maybe you have a few built-ins, or side table drawers that could hold beautiful, colorful pulls? Switch out only the drawer pulls in the bathroom.  It’s a quick change – so don’t be afraid to go bold!  Beachy, nautical pieces are really hot for Spring this year!  Or try a gorgeous, hand-painted ceramic.

Sea Urchin Knobs
Hand Painted Ceramic Knob

3. Nests

A sign of new life.  Add them to a simple flower arrangement.  Put them in a wreath.  I especially love the look of a rustic nest tucked in a shiny glass vase… perfection.

Nest in Glass Hurrican
Pottery Barn Wreath

4. Fun Dishes

I have an infatuation with colorful dishes.  Bring in the fresh, spring colors with bright plates, patterned bowls, and radiant glasses.  Is there a bright color that would combine well with the set of dishes you already use?  Have white & blue dishes – add a surprise pop of color with orange bowls!

Colorful Dishes
melamine bowls

5. Flowers

I have to be real here, fresh flowers are the best.  The best.  Fresh flowers smell the best, look the best – they can make a vignette or grouping look fresh.  What the heck, make it a goal to treat yourself to fresh flowers at least once this Spring!  The other side of this reality: fresh flowers can get expensive.  So find some silk flowers that you like – that won’t go dying on you all the time.  The trend with silk flowers has definitely gone to less is more.  Try a simple grouping of one type of flower.  Coral or blue anyone?  I love hydrangeas – I think they are one of the most “real” looking silk flowers!

Blue Hydrangeas

Coral Flowers

How do you bring Spring into your home?!  I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas.




I'm Rachel.

I am a small town girl passionate about creativity, color, and most of all: helping people bring their homes to life in ways they never thought possible. On the Rardon Design blog, I enjoy sharing thoughts, inspirations, and our projects. Thanks for reading.

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